So after research, I’ve witnessed some synchronization and it is apparent.


Buy the rumor, sell the news.” - Wallstreet 

Pendulum One

March 11 2020 - June 23, 2020

.91.                         .91

(This was the initial decent from the Feb - Mar 9 $1.XX ranges) 

Pendulum Two

March 17, 2020 - July 28, 2020

.67.                          .63

(This was the internal decent from within the 90’s) 

•————-> this means MARCH is good for us. Most don’t want to hear that, but it’s a sign that that 2nd week in March there will be a shift and a wave of parabolic riding 4 - 5 months.

Synchronization One 

July 2020 was a tell - tale of November 2020. 

After the descent in July on 8/13 a .70 (trap) came into play which will occur this or next week (12/18/2020). The trap may be above .70 of course (speculating .90)

Note: After this trap back on 8/13 there’s a . 24 drop by 8/17. This means EXPECT and watch for a drop this week and next week followed by a spike(s) up and another drop. (Trap


8/2019 - 3/2020 ($SNDL had a history of nothing under $1.00) 


3/10/20 - 10/20/20 it dropped down all the way from .46 .40 to .30 to .20 to .10. Oct 29 it’s bottomed out at .15

(This means we will see .85 soon don’t ask me why

March - October 2020

This is a trajectory of an 8 month decline/descent. 

Besides it having a fun time around 6/8 $1.09 - 6/16 $1.01, this stock has been under $1.00 for a while now (10 months) after being over $1.00 from 8/2019 - 3/2020 (9 months). 

Synchronization Two

This makes me suspect another 9 - 10 month is on the horizon (but above $1.00)

November - July 2021

This will be a trajectory of a 9 month incline/ascent.

NOVEMBER was the final of investors seeing 10’s (from end of Sept (9/24)   - Early Nov (11/4) after that point, we have yet to see 10’s again but have witnessed high 20’s and above. 

WE CAN FURTHER RULE OUT THIS GOING UNDER .20 for sure at this time (smile).


If this goes into the 30’s it will be .37+/-


If this goes into the 40’s it will be .47+/-


If this goes into the 50’s it will be .57+/-

I can see this dropping down from the .62 into .37 this week after trapping people into .77 or so tomorrow and ripping back up (so watch it). This is a possibility not definitely! 


If tomorrow 4:00A - 8:15A decide differently •-> When this does rip up it will do it in the same style on the other side (upside):






And way beyond (so buy at descents of .5 in between dips

MY $SNDL BACKSTORY (new investor into this stock)

NOV 30 @ .48 was when I was prompted to get in by my mentor but hesitated until .65 that day. (Currently I’m down $2K on a $1 12/18 call 🙈). I didn’t swipe up in time when it hit .93 11/30/2020. BUT IM GLAD I MADE THAT COSTLY MISTAKE! We are about to hit a 10 - 20 day rollercoaster STRAP IN! 

Here’s a Bone: I made money with $CDC last week while I’m stuck in this $SNDL call and awaiting the next dip(s) to get in. (Like double Dutch) (wink


Aug 20 - Sep 10 it held is 30’s run| 20+ days

Sep 11 - Sep 23 it held its 20’s run| 10+ days 

Sept 24 - Sep 29 it held its 10’s run| 5 days 

Sep 30 - Oct 14 it held its 20’s run| 15 days 

Oct 15 - Nov 4 it held its 10’s run| 20+ days 

*NOV 5 - NOV 10 held its 40’s (a jump from .20 to .40 -> This was a test week)| 5 days 

Nov 12 - Nov 25 it held its 20’s run| 15 days 

*Nov 30 - Dec 4 it held its 70’s run| 5 days 

Dec 7 - Dec 11 it held its 40’s - 50’s run| 5 days

*****NOV 27 this is where the current trend begins***** this is THE TURNING POINT 

  • 5 calendar days before the vote
  • 4 calendar days before the shelf offering 

11/27 - 12/4 

A full LONG week in the 70’s (.60 - .90) dropping .10 on this past Friday with the shelf & House (yay) vote and sells (shorts). 

My personal (unprofessional) opinion for Monday Dec 7: It’s going to down under .62 for sure. I can’t say how long.

  • The average downs are by .10 .20 .30
  • The fluctuation is an average of 10 days 

12/7 - 12/11 

Specifically this SHORT week, we will see spike(s) up here & there to keep interest. But it’s going to go down only to breakout, breakthrough and rip up. This means buy the dips and WATCH it (especially pre-market & after market). 

NEXT WEEK Dec 14 IS THE UP TICK WEEK ABOVE .70 and then it rips from there. 

THIS IS NOT ADVICE (just shared personal research & study and MF HOPE!)


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