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GROW YOUR PORTFOLIO | Apartment Investing

Welcome Investors Hosted By: 1315 Investors  Michele Aeyez Chauvin, Co-Founder  Omai Kofi, Co-Founder  Main Opportunity|Company: Hay2Brick   Both Companies Based out of Canada 🇨🇦  Housekeeping   By Omai Kofi  Virtual Etiquette  No Difficulties, No Distractions  Mindset Shift - “Moment Of Silence”  Action Interaction - “Don’t come to listen”  Affirmations: “Why I Am Here”  How did you hear about this opportunity  Always type your questions, raise your hands, but let us get through content for clarifications  Intro Time Investment: 30 Minute Call Expectations: Apartment Investing is not sexy  Don’t expect a sales pitch: Nothing to sell except the actual building  Company Backstory  By Michele Aeyez Chauvin  About Hay 2 Brick About 1315 Investors  Grow Your Portfolio Series  By Omai Kofi  Investment Opportunities since 2011  Today’s Opportunity: Apartment Investing  Other Opportunities: Trading: Options, Forex, Crypto  Taxes: Own, Work Life Insurance: Own, Work Other Real Estate: Develo


This was posted to a group (Blacks In Nonprofits) on Facebook  OBJECTIVE To activate wealth building within the Black Business world.  Inspired by someone who had financial questions. This won’t be a popular post. Some will be offended. The intended purpose is to enlighten. Hope we are still friends after this because I’m going to go into a deep vortex this morning and it will be a very turbulent ride. WHY BLACK NPOs DONT GET FUNDED: By Dr. Omai Kofi 5.14.2020 | 7:17 AM|CST 0) They do not STOP and REAL EYES to join forces and get the money TOGETHER , then go back and do what they were doing. <- this is the single most plague in the Black community and Black NPOs at this point in time. #ThisPointInTime, yes the past has afflicted us terribly, but AT THIS POINT IN TIME we can CHANGE that affliction into affluence in an hour! All those years of oppression can be flipped in 24 hours!  People refuse to work together due to RIGHTFUL : - Trust Issues (Anger)  - Egos (Pride) - Ignorance