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My 10 Figures

Wealthtober 10, 2020   Welcome to Your Billionarity! ZOOM | FACEBOOK LINK Replay groups/510688346370445/wp/ 460107301611498/?ext= 1602863803&hash= AeRQbuDFYtQOsuMLPKg It’s never about the money, it’s all about the power and that power comes from within. If you don’t care about Billionaire Status , this webinar is not for you.


Rise & Riches: It would literally take DAYS to change our entire economy if we were to ever consider doing Africa American business rather than being simply labeled African-Americans .  Life began in Africa. Africa is the richest continent on the earth. Africa is home to so many natural resources, yet its citizens are poor (being drained of their own wealth). How is this okay? It’s not. What is being done about it?  We need more Global Citizens. As a Global Citizen I have seen this world in a totally different perspective than those who barely leave their own zip code. People who use travel to escape vs. to dominate. We need to travel for both pleasure and prosperity. It’s time to truly look into our Global Impact and see how that same impact can help our cities, states and nation here in America. In 2016 we had our Rethink Africa Conference at The Powernetworking Conference. Many leaders from all over the U.S. and Africa discussed science, economics, and the nature of business r