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PILLAR 4 | Investments  WEALTH HACKATHON | “Debt 2 Investor” Welcome to our 4th and final Wealth Hackathon Pillar! ✔️It takes dough to make bread ✔️It takes money to make money ✔️It takes risks to gain rewards It takes ACCREDITATION to CAPITALIZE! As a Capitalist, I have learned more about myself than ever before! I also #RealEyes how accredited investors have greater opportunities than non-accredited ones. ***WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY*** Besides you? ⬇️ The SEC ! The SEC allows companies and private funds to ***skip*** the need to register certain investments as long as the firms sell these assets to ➡️ accredited investors. ***DO YOU REAL EYES THAT?**** I said MONEY is looking for you! As an #AccreditedInvestor, you and I are able to invest directly into: 💰  Private Equity (very lucrative) 💰  Private Placements ( PPMs )  💰  Hedge Funds 💰  Venture Capital  💰  Equity Crowdfunding (MAJOR WEALTH) ***Yes, the REGULATORY SYSTEM  OF ALL OF THE ABOVE is The SEC.*** ❕ D I S C L O S U R E ❕

The Wealth Game

  Why Aren’t More Blacks In The Wealth Game? African Generated Billions via: sugar flour textiles real estate oil gas infrastructure -related pursuits: 🔑 gold mining 🔑 agriculture 🔑 telecommunications ownership Africans provide incentives to government leaders to improve the quality of their governments, and the treatment of their people across the entire continent. African American Generated Billions via: 🔑 Entertainment (sports, music, media) Then Investments  “...some of the wealth gap appears to be attributable to differences in saving behavior.  Understanding how people save--in particular, knowing whether certain people will be more vulnerable financially because of their saving choices--helps policymakers assess older Americans' financial preparedness for retirement and anticipate their economic well-being thereafter.” - SSA.Gov  MAIN CAUSES OF WEALTH GAPS: Lower Income | #Break This Curse Poor Health | #Reverse This Curse  Small Inheritances | #Change This narrative 


HOUSE KEEPING Confidence Intelligence  Peace Celebration We will discuss 4 main pillars for today's discussion. Please note: Wealth Hackathon has 4 Pillars that touch on the 4 basis points of wealth: CREDIT SAVINGS STREAMS OF INCOME INVESTMENTS Today's Discussion Wealth The Hell Up  is based on the following 4 Pillars: $401 Billion-Dollar Mindset Wealth Identity Wealth Circles 3rd Trimester Thinker You made a decision to be here today, and that decision was not by chance. We Wealth Come you! Welcome to Wealth Hackathon which takes place every 20th day of 2020 . We also have the Wealth Hackathon Series which has happened on the 30th day of each month since May. May 30, 2020 - Wealth Hackathon Introduction 💡June 30, 2020 - Credit Hacks 💡July 30, 2020 - Savings Hacks 💡August 30, 2020 - Income | "From Dreams of Income to Streams of Income" 💡September 30, 2020 - Investments | "Debt To Investor" Wealth Hackathon Monthly Meetings 20th of the month for 2020 2